Buying A Home with Re$ale Value in Mind

It’s one of our biggest investments 

and most of us are doing it more than once during our life.

Like many things in our life that have changed dramatically, so did our habitation practices. Most of us don’t stay in one house for the full duration of our lives as it used to be for many people in previous generations. Our modern dynamic life style and economy, calls for flexibility, mobility and frequent changes, People are following their jobs and careers even if it means moving from one side of the nation to the other.

This tendency is in line with our culture of consuming society. We replace everything faster, we treat cloths, cars (some just lease), refrigerators and our dwellings like fashion items with short longevity.

When we decide to buy a house we need to think in terms of sort to medium range periods of time and that should bring us to consider the resale value of our home in the future.

Buying a home with good resale value might take a little longer, and it might take a bit more work on your part, but you’ll love the payback later, when it sells quickly and puts extra money in your bank account.

The first consideration should be your family needs but it’s cleaver to keep an open mind about what might suite future buyers as well.

The most important three factors are:                                 

location, location and location…

Indeed, it’s first thing to consider when looking for a home. So, what makes a good location?

There are some general elements which are obvious like:

$ Does the neighborhood have easy and fast access to the schools, shopping centers and

other amenities?

$  The size of the lot, its shape and the square footage of the house itself.

$   If the majority of buyers in your area are young families with children, consider a house

with a large yard that’s not fronted by a busy street.

$   Closets, lots of closets and with as much additional storage space as possible.

$    Light and bright – Homes with lots of natural lighting are very popular.

$    Large and convenient kitchen with as many cabinets and cooking space as possible.

Your first objective is to buy a home that’s right for you, but do consider its resale value before you make the final decision, especially if you know you’ll move again within three to five years. A careful purchase now will help give you extra funds to move up with the next time you buy a home.



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