Industry Opinion


May 15, 2017

Top 5 Home Design Trends of 2017

The current trends are all about utilizing rich color, maximizing texture and creating comfortable interiors you can’t wait to relax in. Use these trends to get inspired to makeover your home’s interiors and create spaces you love that also appeal to your personal style. Remember, if you plan to sell in the next few years,…

January 19, 2017

Real Estate 2017: What to Expect

One of the most common questions we get at this time of year is, “What’s going on in the market?” It’s not just potential buyers and sellers who are curious; homeowners always want reassurance their home’s value is going up. While the state of the real estate market depends on where you live, one thing…

February 10, 2015

How do new lower interest rates affect me?

We spoke with Saskatoon mortgage brokers Tawny Bley and Tyler Hildebrand on how the interest rate drop affects average Saskatoonian! Here’s what they had to say: – “The Bank of Canada’s recent decision to cut the overnight rate from 1% to 0.75% has had a far reaching impact on the mortgage market. Prime Rate (the…