Meet The Jessica Betteridge Team

Working with Jessica is like working with a close friend. In all of her projects, Jessica’s goal is to help her clients get as much as they can for their property and the best possible price for their purchase. She has never been interested in the quick sale, believing that although it may be more work for her, it will always be the best decision for the client.

Jessica Betteridge

Residential REALTOR® 306-229-9687

Jessica Betteridge was born in Saskatoon and grew up in a family with a rich history of home building and development. Her parents, Bonnie and Reg Amendt have built over 800 homes in Saskatoon with their company, Royalty Construction, giving Jessica a firsthand look into the real estate industry from the beginning.

Even during her college years when Jessica took a step away from real estate to study pharmacy, she still had one foot in the family business; attending open houses on the weekends and shovelling driveways in the winter.

Jessica spent her early career in healthcare and has a diploma as a pharmacy technician. She was also a software analyst for General Electric Healthcare before rejoining her family’s business in 2008.

As a project coordinator at Royalty Construction, Jessica assisted her father with every aspect of every project and found herself naturally stepping into a sales role as her knowledge of architecture, engineering, trades, purchasing, and land development increased. The next step in her career had quickly became clear and she knew it was time to become a licensed agent.

At that time, Jessica and her husband, Dan, had just welcomed their first child into their family, so attending networking events to gain career exposure wasn’t a feasible option. She needed to find another way to grow her career and that was through the MLS. This system gave Jessica access to Realtors and real estate opportunities across Saskatoon, allowing her to get her business started.

Jessica has since grown deep roots in Saskatoon with no plans to leave any time soon. In addition to building a successful career, Jessica has also built a life with her husband of 20 years and two children. She loves trying new things, investing in new markets, and being flexible with whatever the real estate industry has to offer. Alongside her experience in real estate, Jessica frequently uses her background in construction to flip houses and find ways to add more value to any property.

To this day, Jessica is still closely intertwined with her family’s business, working in New Home Sales and consulting her sister’s design business and her brother’s granite business frequently for their expertise.

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Dan Betteridge

Commercial & Residential REALTOR®

With an analytical and calculated nature, Dan specializes in the “numbers” side of real estate and excels at buying and selling in the commercial world. Though his primary focus is in commercial real estate, Dan is no stranger to business ownership and the nuances involved to achieve long-lasting success. 

Dan has a background in the mining industry, giving him experience working with chemistry and the environment. His extensive knowledge in these areas comes full circle in his day-to-day work and has proven to be vital when working with our engineers and architects. 

Finding an agent you can trust to handle major transactions with your best interests at heart can be challenging. When working with Dan, you will find that his diligence and informed market research allow him to confidently make the right decision and give you peace of mind knowing this decision is the best option for you.

Jessica Betteridge

Haemee Reusch

Real Estate Assistant

Haemee and Jessica have known each other for over a decade. In 2021, Jessica reached out to her to join the Betteridge team and Haemee began working as an Administrative Assistant in November. 

Haemee comes from a creative background, with a degree in Studio Art from the University of Saskatchewan. She pursues many creative hobbies on the side and has worked as a freelance makeup artist for the last five years. Her creative eye has been a valuable asset when designing brochures, perfecting a listing for publishing, or prepping a home for staging and photos. 

If you’re coming into the office, sending us an email, or calling our phone, Haemee is the first to greet you with her friendly personality and will help you find exactly what you’re looking for with professionalism and ease.

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