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Jessica has been the lead agent and coordinator on large multi-site projects like the 41-unit ‘West Bennett’ townhouse development in Hampton Village and the 71-suite ‘London Flats’  condominium in Lakewood with notable success. The entry-level luxury condo sold out in 18 months; an incredibly fast turnover considering the high inventory of the building and the housing boom at the time. This was a huge success and a confident kickstart to Jessica’s career. 

Her most recent projects have led Jessica to the Willows. In 2017, Jessica was working with private residents and Valentino Homes to sell at 404 Cartwright Street; a concrete, three-storey condo development with 32 luxury suites available at million-dollar price points. In 2021, Jessica began selling the next phase of the development at 408 Cartwright Street, with 50% of the units already sold by early 2022. 

408 Cartwright
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London Flats

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